September Powder blessings

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 The end of summer came crashing into the state of Oregon with a bang of winter goodness.  Monday the 18th the skies opened up and our first real rains in months was gifted to us and all of Oregon took it our first breaths of real clean, smoke free air in what seemed like forever. With this rain came unusual cold temperatures that had a side effect of dumping over 20 inches of fresh snow in the mountains over the next few days. Having never had real ridable September powder up in the cascades in most people’s recent memory’s, a plan was made. Tuesday the snow came in like a bull in a china shop with high winds and over a foot of snow at the base of our beloved Mt. Bachelor. Not wanting to wait any longer we headed up after work with snowboards and headlamps to see if September turns would be possible. A quick 45 min boot pack hike and we were standing on a dark and windy cinder cone summit. Dropping in on the wet and mist driven snow felt amazing as we worked our way down the 600 or so vertical foot powder field in the dark.

powder day september

The next morning we were back at it, hiking up in a dark at 5:30am to get some daylight turns in before work. It was another storm day with another 6 inches up top to play in. Fighting to be back at work by 8am we bailed as the crowds showed up on our day 2 of the season.

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The next morning we were back at it with the hopes of clear skies, colder temps and more new snow. Thursday September 20th and the end of summer brought us the goods we had been hoping for. With a deeper snow pack we grabbed the splitboards to reach some higher elevations and the hope of deep untracked powder. Well we found it and much more as we witnessed one of the best sunrises we had seen in months. All in all it was one for the record books and a day that we will all carry with us for many years to come.  Thanks to the Tokyo friends and employees that came out to celebrate the end of summer and welcome fall with a bang. KP

splitboard Mt. bachelor

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